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Periodontal Treatment Available


Periodontal therapy


A 6-point pocket chart with a computerized recording (probe at 25g of pressure) and radiographs will be taken. Following this we provide a detailed written report, proposed treatment plan and estimate detailing the timescale and the cost of treatment.

We carry out a tooth by tooth assessment (the good, the bad, and the ugly) to decide which teeth should be extracted, which can be returned to health easily and finally those that are strategically important but will require expensive therapy to save them.

Initial Non-surgical Therapy

The aim is to stabilse the periodontal disease progression using a non-surgical approach:

The aim of treatment is to achieve good marginal health and reduce the plaque and bleeding index below 20%.

At the Harman Dental Clinic we use state-of-the art ultasonic equipment with periodontal tips that access the deep periodontal pockets and furcations. We limit the use of hand instrumentation to specific areas with Gracey curettes to minimise trauma to the soft and hard tissues. This approach should help reduce post operative discomfort and the occurrence of tooth sensitivity after periodontal therapy. “Waterlase” desensitation has proved useful to seal open dentinal tubules.

Surgical Therapy

Treatment of areas that fail to respond to initial non-surgical therapy


Maintenance Phase

Excellent maintenance of post operative attachment levels were documented by numerous studies including Ramfjord 1973Linde 1975 and Ramfjord 1982, .

The key to success is the attendance for recall visits at regular intervals (generally 3-4 months). At these recall intervals a continuous multilevel risk assessment in conjunction with the appropriate therapy will be carried out.

The following factors determine the patient’s risk assessment:

An assessment is made of the patients recall requirements based on the “spider web’ Lang & Tonetti 2003 Depending on the severity of the disease and the patient’s risk assessment we will offer long-term maintenance  at  the Harman Dental Clinic or with your General Dental Practitioner and Dental Hygienist.