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Why Use Invisalign to Straighten Your Teeth?

Beware Cheap Imitations!

Clear aligner systems are not all the same!  Invisalign is unique because the aligners work together with complex computer calculated attachments and power ridges to move the teeth more accurately than any other system. This results in a more predicatble final result and far less chance of damaging to the teeth during movement.

Why is invislign special?


So you can smile and nobody can see your wearing a brace


You can take them out for eating and for important events

Embarrassment free

No more lettuce hanging from your “Train Tracks”


Easy to clean and maintain – no more “dragon breath”


No more lacerated tongues, cheeks or lips!


The ClinCheck software allows you plan your new smile before you start

Safe-Trauma free

The pain-free light forces used do not cause teeth to die or root shrinkage