Dental Clinic Tunbridge Wells

Why have your treatment Invisalign with Dr Harman?


Invisalign is a highly advanced Computer aided design (CAD) system but the results are only as good as the knowledge, skill, experience and care that your dentist gives to your case. Dr Harman is considered one of the top cosmetic dentists in the country and his knowledge and vision for your final smile will far exceed the average dentist.


Dr Harman is cosmetic/restorative dentist and not just an orthodontist he can integrate your Invisalign treatment with other techniques such as whitening, composite bonding, crowns and veneers to give you total amazing woe smile not just straighter teeth

There are dentist’s prescribing Invisalign treatment out there that are cheaper, and indeed some that are more expensive but we know that there are very few achieving the results we do.