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Invisalign Step-by-Step Process

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CONSULTATION Assessment, Photographs & Impressions. Dr Harman then designs your new smile which is sent to the US. It then take 2-3 weeks to get the draft smile designs completed
CLINCHECK You return to discuss the new straight smile Dr Harman has personally designed for you. You can make modifications at this stage until you Dr Harman and you are 100% happy.
MAKE YOUR ALIGNERS The aligner sets are made up in California and UPS’s back in about 2 weeks
FIT YOUR ALIGNERS You return to fit the first set of aligners
FITTING ATTACHMENTS in order for the aligners to grip the teeth firmly so the teeth can be twisted and moved small tooth-coloured blocks of filling are placed on the teeth.They are barely noticable as they blend in with the natural colour of teeth
REVIEWs & IPR Normally we see you after the first two weeks and then every 6 weeks until the finish. Sometimes small amount of enamel shaved of the teeth to make more room (IPR)
BACKTRACKING & MODIFICATIONS Occasionally we if the teeth are not moving quite as planned and the aligners are not fitting 100% then we have to go back a few aligners or take new impressions to get back on course (All included)
FINAL FINE TUNING When you almost at the end of your aligner course we take a new set of impressions and make 2 or 3 refinement aligners
RETENTION Initially you need to wear the final aligners full time for about 3 months and then reduce to night time wear for about 9 months. After that it varies, some people only need to wear the retainers 1 night a week but others more to hold the position of the teeth