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Questions you MUST ask your Implant Dentist!

1. How many cases have you done?

Our implant dentist Dr Jose Alvarez has placed 1000′s of implants and is familiar and has used a wide range of makes. His favourite all round implants are from Straumann from Switzerland.

2. How were you trained in implant Dentistry

Implant dentistry is not taught in dental school as part of the undergraduate programme, so the dentist may have had very little training- perhaps as little as a weekend! There are now very clear guidelines from the General Dental Council based on the Faculty of the General Dental Practitioners on the appropriate training for implant dentists. see Training Standards in Implant Dentistry Dr Alvarez trained, worked with, and lectured with Dr David Moralez one of the top Implant Maxillo-facial surgeons and has Diplomas in Implantology, Oral Surgery and Orthodontics.

3. How much will it cost?

At the Harman Clinic we try to be crystal clear with our pricing. However although we can be accurate about the implant & crown costs, because of the unpredictable nature of the bone and the soft tissue some of the additional fees are hard to predict. Because Jose has so much experience we are very accurate at predicting and warning you of the additional cost up front so so you will not get nasty surprises. Implant Fee Guide

4. Can I see examples of your work?

Implants planning ideally should be backward planned. I.E. The final look and function of the smile and dentition should be design and then a implant strategy worked out to achieve the result. The majority of implantologist’s in the UK focus more on the placing of the implants and far less on the look and function of the final results so their your smile may be solid but a long way from the beautiful smile you assumed you were getting. A tank is solid but most patient would want their smile to have the grace and beauty of a sports car.

See our Case Studies for our great results and happy patients

5. Which Implant System do you use?

We use 3 systems routinely though we sometimes use other brands that may uniquely fit a particularly difficult implant placement situation.

Implants tend to come in three types

  1. Well-established original brands: The “Big Five” and other brands
  2. The New Quality Players
  3. Cheap Clones

Straumann:  There are a number of companies that have produced implants for 30-40 years backed by decades of dental reseach. Theses companies often also provide extensive training for dentists. These include the “Big Five”: Straumann, Nobel Biocare, 3i, Astratech, and Ankylos. At the Harman Clinic Clinic we like the Swiss company Straumann because of the superb manufacturing quality, excellent training behind it’s use and because many consider the SLA active implant surface the ideal surface for bone to bond to. However all this research and support comes with a big price tag.

Dio:   Our final favorite implant system is the Dio. It has been used in Korea for over 10 years. It has extensive clinical  research behind it in South-East Asia and the manufacturing quality is as good as the Swiss made Straumann system. The design quality equals that of the “big five”.  You have the choice between the excellent Dio RBM implant and their top-of-the-range Dio Biotite surfaced implant for rapid and reliable osteo-integration.

We don’t use cheap cloned implants unlike some of the supposedly low cost implant clinics. Always ask for what you are getting as mistakes can be expensive and painful.