Dental Clinic Tunbridge Wells

Implants: Teeth-on-Four


An affordable possibility

This is a new exciting alternative for patients that want to replace damaged, unsightly, loose teeth or dentures with new fixed dental implants. In the past replacing the upper or lower arch with dental implants required 6 or more implants to replace specific roots. With Teeth-on-4 treatment, all the upper or lower teeth are replaced on just 4 implants using the implants a firm anchor to the jaw

With Teeth-on-4 treatment the posterior(back) implants are placed at a 45 degree angle, and this increases their strength and ability to anchor a fixed bridge using less implants.

The Teeth-on-4 implants are specifically designed to be immediately loaded, which means that instead of waiting months to heal, a fixed provisional bridge can be completed often on the same day……!!