Dental Clinic Tunbridge Wells

How can we provide high quality affordable implants?

At The Harman Clinic it is our belief that clients should not choose a dental implant clinic for their dental implant treatment purely on price though we are in fact able to provide them at a very competitive basic price of £995. Seeing a reputable surgeon with extensive experience in dental implant treatment is more important as is the final result. Clients should be careful not to be swayed by dental awards for state of the art furniture.  They should be sure the Clinic they choose has won awards for actual dentistry.  Clients should be able to see the results achieved on a Clinic’s website after all it’s not just about the titanium implant – you want the tooth on top to look good too!

How can we provide dental implants at a lower price than other dental practices around Tunbridge Wells:

  1. Our in-house implantologist, Dr Jose Alvarez, has placed thousands of implants and is also a trained oral surgeon.  In addition we have a team of highly skilled implant nurses working alongside Dr Alvarez.  This combination means implants can be placed extremely quickly and efficiently.  In addition sinus lifts and bone augmentation can all be carried out by the same team cutting down surgery time and therefore costs.
  2. As one of only two Fellows of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, multi-award winning dentist, Dr Oliver Harman, has the buying power to negotiate better prices and pass these onto our patients
  3. We use specific experienced implant dental laboratories to produce dental implant restorations. This reduces errors and wasted time and this saves money. Again these savings are passed onto our clients
  4. We use proven dental implant systems. Legacy & SwishPlant which is made by Implant Direct Sybron and BioTite-H by Dio. These implant designs has been used very successfully for over 20 years and the implant surface is proven scientifically. These products are certified by the FDA and CE marked. Dio Implants Certification
  5. We provide all the dental implant treatment at our Royal Tunbridge Wells clinic. This is cheaper for the patient. Many general practices refer patients to specialist implant clinics for implant surgery, then the patient returns to the referring dentist. This adds time, inconvenience and stress to the whole process.
  6. The initial assessment, including radiographs, is FREE and is with both Dr Alvarez and Dr Harman so you will know exactly who will be placing your implant on the day.
  7.  We provide excellent after care support. We guarantee all of our dental implant treatment during the course of treatment and for one full year following dental implant treatment. Our guarantee covers everything ! Consider that if there was a problem with the implant after it was completed this could be an additional cost on top of the initial cost of the dental implant treatment.