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Edelweiss System

Direct Venears from Edelweiss Dentistry are state of the art for modern and minimally invasive dentistry aesthetic dentistry. For the first time in dental history it is now possible to work with prefabricated veneers made from patented nano-hybrid composite using modern laser technology. Never before has it been feasible to directly create the natural shape and youthful luminance of a tooth so easily and perfectly in one appointment.

The co-founder of this system among others is Professor Dr Didier Dietschi, University of Geneva, whose research in the field of composite technology has achieved a high level of notoriety. Its versatile area of application, together with its time and cost saving procedure make Edelweiss Direct Venears a sound investment in the future with the best interests of the patient in mind.

VIDEO “Edelweiss” Case Study

VIDEO “Edelweiss” Information

Article on the benefits of “Edelweiss” by Dr. Elaine Halley

Componeers System

“Componeers” from Switzerland design By Dr Mario Bezek from Zurich University are the very latest in cutting edge dental products bridging the gap between minimally invasive composite bonding and porcelain veneers and has the added benefit of being faster to fit so a smile makeover can be done in just one appointment.

With “Componeers”, quality aesthetic restoration of anterior teeth can be performed efficiently in just a single session. Until now the dentist could only choose between a directly modelled composite restoration and elaborate indirect veneer technology. The Direct Composite Veneer System adds a new and interesting dimension to existing treatment options and gives dentists and patients new economic perspectives. Patients can be given a naturally aesthetic smile in just a single session.

The pre-shaped “Componeer” veneers are available in different sizes and are easy to use for single-tooth reconstruction as well as complete reconstruction in the anterior region. Time consuming forming of the anatomical shape and surface and elaborate trimming are no longer required. However “Componeers” can be customised to individual requirements with composite bonding at any time.

VIDEO Componeers Case Study

VIDEO Componeers Information