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Charlotte B

Smile Lift with Vestibuloplasty Charlotte was referred by a colleague from Northern Ireland because she hated her gummy smile. I did the initial assessment by email & photographs and came up with a plan. She flew over with her dad and had three procedures carried out in the one afternoon A built up of the...

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Implant Retained Bridgework Soledad is a familiar face from the world of implants. Her first dental implant was placed more than 15 years ago, demonstrating on the one hand that she has absolute confidence in the implant dentistry, and on the other hand, the reliability of this kind of treatments, always considering that the quality...

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Implant Retained Bridgework & Crown Belen is a patient with a very common problem. When she was a child, their permanent teeth were blocked due to bad position, and therefore they could not emerge in the mouth properly, and they remained retained in the maxillary bone, below the gum. (Note: regular reviews of children are...

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Computer Guided Implant Placement Surgery Teresa is a charming and friendly patient, so much, that is one of my most beloved patients. I even went to spend a few days at her fantastic farmhouse she has in the Duratón’s sickles, a magnificent landscape in central Spain. A highly recommended visit. Teresa lost all her teeth...

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Gloria: Full arch implant retained fixed bridgework (upper & lower) Gloria is a patient who like many of us, thinks beauty has no age. The main reason prompting Gloria to come into the practice was a chewing problem.  However, she also wished to be more beautiful and wanted to feel better about herself. She had...

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Malcolm: Adhesive zirconia all-ceramic bridge Malcolm had a difficult problem as he wanted to maintain the natural gaps between his front teeth. However he hated the “flipper” denture he was wearing and wanted a permanent fixed tooth. Options here would be: Denture Bridgework implant retained crown He hid not want a removable denture and the...

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David: Ultra Conservative All-ceramic Zirconia Bridge An alternative to the “pencil sharpener” type preparation that exposing all the ultra-sensitive dentine Instead of drilling down the teeth either side of the gap to stumps we removed the existing fillings and used to cavities to retain the wings of the bridge. The bridge is ultra healthy as...

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James’s Story   Treatment: 6 Months Smiles Short Term Aesthetic Fixed Brace & Home Professional ...

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Terry   Clinical Dental Technician: Steve Rea of Reatech Laboratory Guide Fee : 9 Upper porcelain veneers & 1 Porcelain Crown £10,000...

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Sheena’s Story   Treatment: 12 Upper Veneers/Crowns, Lowers Inman Aligner & Home Professional Bleaching...

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