Dental Clinic Tunbridge Wells

OLIVER HARMAN SMILE DESIGN – Now moved to the Lake District


I create beautiful individual smiles with minimally invasive state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry. I like to think of myself as a dental designer because hours and hours of meticulous planning goes into every case to make certain I deliver a smile that not only look beautiful but is right for your personality and facial shape. Every smile I design is also working dentition so equal care is taken to ensure that you can chew comfortably, efficiently and healthily for years to come.

I am part of a small group of elite cosmetic dentists in the UK and was the first to be awarded Fellowship of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry for the consistant quality of my complex restorative cases. My work has been featured on over a dozen episodes of Extreme Makeover UK and my patient list includes royalty, international film stars and supermodels.

I can offer my patients offer an extensive range of dental treatments including smile makeover, porcelain veneers ultra-thin no-prep veneers, dental crowns, teeth bleaching, dental implants, smile surgery, dental bridge work, six month smiles braces, & Invisalign braces.

Why choose to see Dr. Harman?

  1. Award winning world-class advanced cosmetic dentist
  2. Dr Harman was selected to be main cosmetic dentist on Extreme Makeover UK
  3. Fear-free smile makeovers using our unique facially-generated design process
  4. Relaxed We treat you like a guest not a patient
  5. Minimally invasive pain-free aesthetic adhesive and laser dentistry
  6. Simple clear fees – you know what it will cost.